Kornelius Reven

Flamboyant, foppish, extravagant are just some of things people think when they 1st meet Kornelius.


Dangerous, ruthless, scary and fair.

That’s what is said about him once you get to know him.

Not a lot is known about Kornelius from before the 1500’s, he openly admits that he didn’t really interact with the crowds before this point merely presented, attended and upheld his part of any and all agreements of the ruling body of whichever city he found himself in.

Things that everyone in Basingstoke know about him.
1, don’t fuck with his investigations
2, he enjoys spending time with the younger Kindred.
3, execution is his right.
4, he can be extremely unhelpful in his help
5, his help is priceless
6, he likes watching the Red Sox with Sidique
7, if you follow the laws of the city he will normally leave you alone.
8, Voltaire is his closest enemy.
9, the Fae are indebted to him.
10, he collects the canines of all of the kindred he has killed in his duty as scourge.

If you want any more ask him, he always answers.

Kornelius Reven

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