Quick, obnoxious and brutal..... What else do you expect from a Brujah?


Real Name: Stephen Madely. No one calls him this……. twice.

Sidique is an idiot, a fast brutal rude idiot, but an idiot non the less!

He was born in Birmingham, got bullied through school, the joined the marines, the marines weren’t quite his thing, so he joined the SAS.

He was a very successful member of an elite special Forces team, he served in Iraq and Afghanistan amongst other places, if you ask he will tell you all about it in great prolonged gory detail.

He was embraced on the night of his leaving the forces, he was in a fight in Hereford, when some punk started on him, this punk was a brujah wannabe, some caitiff thug who was trying to prove his worth, Jackel was this kids name… Sidique killed him with his bare hands which raised the heckles of the brujah thugs that were hazing the little punk. Sidique fought them and was doing well, as well as a mortal against 3 pumped up brujah could do. He was left to bleed out when one of them thought it would be funny to Embrace him and leave him to figure it out.

Unfortunately for them and fortunately for Sidique (not that he will agree with this) he was helped and guided by a kindred from Basingstoke, he was presented to Lita a few weeks later when it was deemed he was worthy, he Likes to watch war films, everything from Who dares wins, to Top gun (you never close your eyes anymore when I kiss your lips) as far back as Kelly’s Heroes. When he’s not watching films, he’s doing Kornelius’ dirty work and tracking unlawful entries into the Regency.

He hates being dressed up, so Kornelius insists that he wears something with frills and lace.


Basingstoke by night. Sharkpool